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Truu Love (Bobby & Whitney)

I wish you knew what loyalty was

I wish I could find tru love

I have no problem finding tru lust

Infatuated with your bust and butt

But…how far is that gonna get me

Everyone wannabe like Jay & Be but end up like Bobby & Whitney

Guess the turn up was too real

Do you look the way you feel?

I needed four years to heal

Now we chilling listening to Dru Hill

How deep is your love?

Got up off my ass and gotta job once I heard TLC’s No Scrubs

But then I see these females in relationships with these scrubs

A 9-5 aint popping I should go sell drugs

Find me a hood to bang

Then I know for sure she’ll want my last name

But that just aint me

I used to go all in but now I realize when it aint meant to be

Bodecka, Jessica, Cierra, Q, etc, etc just weren’t meant for me

I aint salty that’s fine

One day I’ll find mines

And she gone get the universe

Ima love her like my first

Life could be better but it could be way worse

I just hope you notice me

I should take this mask off so you know it’s me

You deserve some lines in my poetry

Pull up a chair beside me and let’s smoke this tree

Figuratively speaking I need you close to me

Is this how it’s supposed to be?

It was all a dream  

Then I woke up to the scream of my alarm clock

Kendall yelled please make it stop

Give her some fireball and she’ll make it pop

Yeah my heart she make it drop

Hope ya A/C work cuhz she makes it hot

I wish you knew what loyalty was

I wish I could find truu love

But I keep finding tru lust

I’m enticed by your bust and butt..

But…but how far is that gonna get me

We could’ve been Will & Jada but we ended up like Bobby & Whitney….. 


I am so numb I don’t feel anything at all

Could it be all of this alcohol?

Ooh the rum ooh the rum

Could it be the alcohol that has me so numb?

I just met her last night and I’m already sprung

The homies tell me she’s a weirdo and that I’m dumb

Um….but my body is telling me yes

Gotdamn ima a mess

Look at what I done started

I’m so drunk spilled rum all over her carpet

I think it’s time to go

I don’t even smoke any moe but this rum got my eyes real low

The rum the the rum

You should join me and have some, yeah you should have some

I know I’m not all that handsome but I’m a good guy

Why your eyes to floor don’t be shy

Let this rum get you loose

I lack confidence around you but this liquid courage gave me a boost

Nothing but good vibes when I’m around you

Didn’t think you existed but I found you yes I found you

It must be this alcohol that got me numb cuhz I don’t feel a thang



Growing pains, growing pains. Yall read these blogs but dont know my pain

Aint no boat, car, bike or plane that could take me away…

So im stuck like a nxgga survivng life, matter fact living life feels like serving life…

Minus the bars, but they’re just invisible

Being broke got me feeling miserable

Got just enough for them noodles and a half a tank

Not enough to move out or take Shannese on a date…

Great, when I get my money right it’ll be too late

My girlfriend name is Jim Bean

Depression done turned me into a fiend

Stability and happiness is everything…..well at least in my eyes

Tears be wanting to rub my face but I was raised not to cry

Only things that are certain in life is Karma and the fact that you’ll die….

But what if thats a lie?

Funerals could just be temporary bye-byes….

Im just jotting whats on mind could give you that watered down, but I’d rather nurture you with that organic home grown

Billion others around you but we really are alone….all alone……you yoself and you all alone…..

Imani Coppola - Pay Me Back Bitch
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Pay Me Back Bitch - Imani Coppola from imani new album


Imani Coppola

Imani Coppola’s ‘Pay Me Back Bitch’ is my new theme song. I’ve been on Coppola since she was in Little Jackie with my personal favorites ‘The World Should Revolve Around Me’, ‘Black Barbie’, and ‘The Stoop’. She always gives me that urban funky sound I wanna hear and I take it she’s going solo now. Ain’t mad at that. 

Something Lovely (Speechless)

Waking up to missed calls, facebook notifications and unread text

But I’d rather wake up to breakfast in bed and some morning sex

And so beautiful that I don’t even deserve

Personality and looks outta this world but she down to earth

I been waiting for a chick like that since birth

That’s almost 21 years

Lost in the headlights I felt like a deer

I had lost myself like I had no reflection in the mirror

My ex calls me boo but I expect the rest of yall to cheer

Like you at a bar

I was driven to be great way before I had a car

I played that Mariah Carey we belong together

Girl we can be strong together

But if we don’t work out we can be alone together

You’re the beautiful just the way you are I hope you don’t change like the weather or the seasons

If you do I hope you turn into spring go ahead and blossom

Even at your worse your still pretty frickin awesome

I want that real love the type you feel up in ya heart

Sharing straws and holding hands in the park

The type of love that make spectators hate us

But it’s because they aint us

If you a dream girl I hope I never wake up

Your beauty is effortless tank top, sweat pants and no make up

I don’t see how you do it

We don’t make love we make music

We sound like Transiberian Orchestra meets Marvin Gaye

You leave speechless I can’t think of any words to say

Once I get my hands on you I won’t let you go

Liked it so much I put a ring on it with matching accessories

Cuz pampering ya soulmate is a necessity

Like food, clothing and water

Hopefully one day we’ll make a daughter

I know no one perfect but you pretty damn close

I call you Mrs. Rimadee cuz you got the remedy I hope I don’t overdose

You know what you deserve a toast

Beauty and brains nobody in the world comes close

They aint even in ya class

Fuck it go ahead let em talk trash

They just wish they could have what we have

But they cant get on our level cuz we on that #PRIVATEJETSWAGG